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Air Jet Yarn
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Air Jet Yarn

Preferred Process Guidelines for fabrics produced using
Polyester Viscose dyed AIR JET yarn.

Two Major points to be observed

  • No singeing
  • Heat Setting in the stenter at lower temperature with less contact time compared to normal fabrics. Setting temperature 170 to 175 degree Celsius with contact time 30 seconds is ideal.

Minor points, but still valid points

  • Pre treatment / scouring in jet machine for soft handle using normal lubricating agent, detergent and good quality wetting agent.
  • While drying, fabric should not be over dried, better to take slight moist.
  • In Chemical finishing use following combination:
    • Micro base Amino silicone             20-30 grams per litre
    • Hydrophilic softener                       15-20 grams per litre
    • High density polyethylene              10-15 grams per litre
  • Addition of 10 grams per litre Elastomer helps to improve luster & resiliency
  • In mechanical finish, Decatise or Sanforise.

For value added finish

  • Bright & shine appearance
    Calendaring with face of the fabric contact with metallic cylinder before Decatising
  • Very soft & Drape handle
    Alkali treatment & washing prior to chemical finish.
  • Functional finish
    Moisture management finish, perfume finish, UV protection finish, easy care, etc.
    May be given along with the chemical finish.

Suggested chemical for various processes (From CHT chemicals)

Wetting agent - BEISOL PES
Lubricating agent - BIAVIN TCC

Micro Amino silicone - TUBINGAL RGH
Hydrophilic softener - TUBINGAL A27
High density polymer - POLYAVIN PEN

Process  sequence, Parameters & equipment for
Fabrics free of sizing materials:






Greige Heat setting

Temperature-175 +/-2 degree Celsius, Contact time: 30 seconds over feed 4 to 6%



Pre Treatment/Scouring

Detergent – 1 to 2 grams per litre
Soda ash-2 to 4 Grams per litre
Wetting agent –1to2 Grams per litre
Lubricating agent-0.75 Grams per litre
Temperature-90 to 105 Degree Celsius
Time-20 to 30 minutes
Followed by hot wash, cold wash & neutralisation

Jet dyeing machine



Temperature-140 to 150 Degree Celsius
Avoid over drying
Fabric should have 4 to 6% Moisture content
Over feed-2 to 4%



Chemical Finishing

Micro amino silicone- 20 to 30 grams per litre
Hydrophilic softener- 20 to 40 grams per litre
Elastomer- 15 to 20 grams per litre
Temperature-140 degree Celsius



Mechanical Finish

Decatise or Sanforise

Decatising or Sanforising machine

Alkali Treatment in jet machine -

Wetting agent

1 to 2 grams per litre

Caustic flakes

2 to 2.5 % wof or 4 to 5 grams per litre

Anti creasing agent or Lubricating agent

0.75 grams per litre

Material to Liquor ratio

1:8 or 1:10


85 degree celsius


20 minutes

Followed by hot wash, cold wash & neutralisation

How to increase your profits by using Air Jet Yarns


Saving Per meter fabric

Savings in terms of suiting (1kg or 3 mts)

Low Pilling

Low pilling due to unique construction of yarn. Excellent martindale abrasion resistance

$ 0.75


Less Hairiness

Less Hairiness and hence singeing not required



Cost of Weaving reduced

Cost of weaving reduced due to improved loom efficiency atleast by 3%



Less Value Loss

Less value loss and longer piece length minimum savings of 10% on 3% gradation loss



No Surprises

No surprises during weaving and hence assured fabric delivery to your customers

No worries yarn.
Fabric can be positioned
as a premium fabric
in the market place

Other Minor Differences

Fast absorption of perspiration Premium cotton touch or classic touch as desired Matt looking fabric


156 US  cents

468 US cents

Summary of benefits of using Sir Jet Yarns

  • Low Pilling
  • No singeing
  • Excellent dye pick up
  • Less picks per inch
  • Cost of weaving reduced
  • Less valve loss / more fresh piece length
  • Perspiration absorption
  • Low shrinkage
  • Smooth Appearance
  • Bulkier Fabric