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Our Journey so far

Visaka Industries diversified into textiles in 1992. We have made rapid strides since our inception, manufacturing yarn using state-of-the-art Twin Air Jet Spinning technology from Murata, Japan, with 33 MTS machines equivalent to 65,000 spindles. Today, we produce over 10,000 metric tonnes of yarn per year and export about 3,000 tonnes to countries around the globe.

Our range of products include Melange Yarns, High Twist Yarn and specialty yarns with different blend styles.

Visaka has earned recognition as the largest Unit in the world with MTS installation. We have achieved acclaim for the highest productivity and highest efficiencies, bench-marking quality and productivity standards of excellence for the world to follow.

Our adherence to stringent quality control earned us the prestigious ISO certification in 1995 and Star Export House Status in 2004. Visaka has also earned acclaim for its consistency in quality, on-time delivery and friendly service in domestic as well as international markets.

Visaka’s yarns are environmental friendly and are ÖEKO-TEX  Certified from July 2008.